The Washington Times. December 8 1917

Reproduction Number: LC-DIG-ggbain-25191 “photograph of Czar Nicholas II taken after his abdication in March 1917.“

Czar Nicholas II was overthrown during the February Revolution of 1917. He was executed by the Soviets on Jul 17 1918 along with his entire family.


On Dec 6 1917 USS Jacob Jones was going from Brest, France, to Queenstown, when she was torpedoed and sunk by the Imperial German Naval U-boat U-53 killing 66 men. It was the first United States destroyer sunk by enemy action.

The Evening World. December 8 1917


The West Virginian. December 8 1916

Romania joins Belgium and Serbia as being defeated and their capitals occupied by the Central Powers.

Bob Satterfield cartoon 

The Daily Telegram. December 8 1916

The Belgian native troops (Askaris) who are helping the allies conquer German East Africa are recruited from the various Congo tribes. They are long service men, being enlisted for a term of nine years, are of fine physique and make excellent warriors. They are commanded by white officers.


Honolulu star-bulletin. Sep 9 1914 

 "India is contributing $5 million besides a gift of $1,650,000 from the maharajah of Mysore,“ Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV. This makes a total of $6,650,000 

($166,000,000 in 2019)

Daily Telegraph December 3 1914

Madho Rao Scindia was the Maharaja or King/Leader of the Gwalior state, a Maratha kingdom in modern-day India. He was a big supporter of the British Empire and when war was declared offered financial and moral support. On Dec 3 1914 it was reported that the Maharaja Scindia donated:

  • HMHS Loyalty – A 500-bed hospital ship
  • £ 15,000 for vehicles 

    (£1,414,000 in 2019)

  • £

    10,000 to the Prince of Wale’s Relief Fun 

    (£942,700 in 2019)

  • £ 6,000 for the Belgian Refugee Fund 

    (£565,600 in 2019)

  • £

    5,000 for officers’ motor-cars 

    (£471,300 in 2019)

  • £

    1,500 of officers’ binoculars and telescopes 

    (£141,400 in 2019)

  • £

    1,000 for Queen Mary’s Needlework Guild 

    (£94,300 in 2019)

  • £

    100 for Princess Mary’s Christmas Gift Fun 

    (£9,400 in 2019)

Daily Telegraph December 8 1914

Maharaja Sindhia of Gwalior offers 41 cars with accessory lorries and motorcycles as War Xmas present on Dec 8 1914

Daily Telegraph December 22 1914

Maharajah Xmas gift to King 

  • 41 Ambulances 
  •  4 Officer cars 
  • 5 Trucks 
  • 10 Motorcycles

Photo was taken by Arthur Mole 

The Tacoma Times. December 8 1917

Betsy Ross gave the nation the first American flag. It was silken.
Ten thousand American blue jackets have given Uncle Sam the most modern flag. It was human.
The great living flag shown in the picture includes men from practically every state in the nation, who will soon be scattered on U. S. navy ships striking a blow for democracy. The human flag was made at the naval training station, Great Lakes, Ill., a few days.

Thin lines of white tape stretched along the ground guided the bluejackets as they began a seemingly weird formation. For half an hour the human mass writhed and twisted—still unrecognizable—until suddenly at a sharp command every man stood in his place at rigid salute and a perfect flag was formed.
The picture was taken at an angle and therefore it was laid out by engineers so that it proper proportions “eye of the camera.”
For instance, in the star in the extreme left-band corner, there were 65 men, while in the one in the extreme front stars there were only 12 to the star.
There were 290 men in the ball, 560 men In the pole, 300 men in the front stripe and 450 in the top stripe.
The pole (not including the ball) measured 550 feet in length, three and a half feet in width at the bottom and six feet in width at the top.

Rock Island Argus., December 8 1915 


Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish

], Sun Worshiper


cult head, arrested in Chicago. During a trial Ha’nish was involved in a chapter of the book, Inner Studies, in which pure tantric sexual intercourse was described, was “read into the record. According to the Chicago Daily News, the reading caused a number of women to leave the courtroom and even Hanisch himself blushed at hearing his own words

Chicago, Dec. 8. Ottoman Ser Adusht Hanish, head of the Mazdaznan cult of sun worshipers, was taken to the house of correction today to serve a sentence of six months’ imprisonment for sending obscene matter through interstate commerce. His appeal from the sentence was recently denied by the United States supreme court.
The specific offense charged against the cult leader was that he sent a book, entitled “Inner Studies,” and intended for his followers, to a young woman in Brookfield, Mo.

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How Significant Was the Battle of the Falkland Islands?: undefined

Dec 8 1914 In the Battle of the Falkland Islands a British Naval force defeats the Imperial German East Asia Squadron. IWM (Q 45916) “Damage to HMS KENT caused by 4.1 inch shell fired by the German cruiser SMS NURNBERG” by Andrews S G