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Last night Camerons shot a German who was trying to bomb one of their saps. His correspondence showed him to be a bright boy. It included letters from parents whose daughters he had wronged and deserted, a variety of affectionate letters from young women and about fifteen different addresses of Frauleins.

Dec 8 1914 In the Battle of the Falkland Islands a British Naval force defeats the Imperial German East Asia Squadron. IWM (Q 45916) “Damage to HMS KENT caused by 4.1 inch shell fired by the German cruiser SMS NURNBERG” by Andrews S G

Dec 7 1919 Le Petit Journal – Bulgaria and the land it lost in its Treaty of Peace

Apr 1917 Official Canadian War photographer, William Ivor Castle, takes a picture of two soldiers examining a skull found on the battlefield of Vimy Ridge.
Online MIKAN no. 3194488

William Ivor Castle was a war photographer during WWI

A heavy howitzer on the Somme. November, 1916



A message [to] from the Hun. November, 1916.



A Message to the Hun. November, 1916



New-York Tribune Dec 2 1917
A British Battalion Headquarters during an attack. In the background stretcher bearers are bringing in a wounded Tommy; at the right is a German prisoner still dazed from the sudden attack

Dec 7 1914 IWM (Q 51546) “Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) being instructed in the mechanism of the machine gun in a deserted spinning mill in Armentieres” December 7 1914 by Robert Cotton Money
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Other tidbits:
Per Acre American farmers produce:
2.5 times as much as Belgian & German farmers
2.3 times UK farmers
3.2 times as much as French farmers
6 times as much as Italians.
Total farming acreage for
1919: 49,261,000
1918: 42,301,000

Dec 7 1914 IWM (Q 51542) “An 18-pounder field gun and crew of the Royal Field Artillery in a gun emplacement on the Armentieres sector of the front line” December 7 1914 by Money, Robert Cotton (Photographer)
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Dec 6 1919
Black Power feeds the South.
Black Power Clothes the South.
Black Power is 20% of American Labor
How Will They Use Black Power?
– George H. Ben Johnson Editorial Cartoon