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May 15 1917 in WWI

IWM (Q 3534) “Albert I King of the Belgians inspects an abandoned Mark I tank, left over from the Battle of the Somme, near Pozieres" by Brooks, Ernest (Lieutenant)

Dec 1918 Captured German A7V tanks (named &ld…

Dec 1918

Captured German A7V tanks (named “Schnuck” and “Hagen”) on railway carriages at the Tank Corps HQ repair shop at Erin

IWM (Q 9772)

IWM (Q 9773)

IWM (Q 9774)

THF270450Progress of Ford 3-Ton Tank Productio…

Progress of Ford 3-Ton Tank Production, Nov 14 1918

Aug 25 1918 “Battle traffic seen at Grev…

Aug 25 1918 “Battle traffic seen at Grevillers … Mark V tanks with British and New Zealand infantry moving forward after the capture of Grevillers”

Creator Aitken, Thomas Keith (Second Lieutenant) (Photographer)

IWM (Q 11262)

Aug 22 1918 “British Medium Mark A Whippet tan…

Aug 22 1918 “British Medium Mark A Whippet tanks advance past the body of a dead soldier, moving to an attack along a road near Achiet-le-Petit, France, on August 22, 1918. The Whippets were faster and lighter than previously deployed British heavy tanks “ –

May 18 1918 “French and British officers…

May 18 1918 “French and British officers by the German A7V tank "Elfriede”, captured near Villers-Bretonneux on 24 April 1918. Saleux" – 

IWM (Q 70017)

Colourised by graphic artist Frédéric Duriez

May 1918

May 1918

1) French and British soldiers stand around a German A7V tank captured at Villers-Brettoneux

2) French and American officers who took part in the reconquest of Cantigny stand in front of a Schneider French tank 

Colourised by graphic artist Frédéric Duriez

Tanks in WWI Cartoons

Oct 5 1917 – Free Lance 

Design for a Tank on the Rufigi Front in German East Africa

Richmond Times-Dispatch – Jun 17 1917

The Sphere Magazine Jun 30 1917 

French Tank in action

The Ogden Standard – October 21, 1916 – Pg 19 of 22

Experimental WWI Military Vehicles

Frot-Laffly armoured roller – 1915 

The prototype Holt gas-electric tank, the first American tank, in 1917

French Tank crossing a trench

Le Petit Journal Oct 14 1917

Tank Français traversant une tranchée

New York Times, Apr 15 1917 New American Tank: Track Layer G.L.B. 75

Photograph of an Experimental American Caterpillar Tank in 1917  

Omaha Daily Bee – Jan 25 1915 

Giant caterpillar tractor used for hauling near the front lines

Corpus Christi Caller and Daily Herald –  July 15 1915 

Giant German military tractor is the only thing that can navigate Russian roads

The Skeleton Tank was an experimental prototype tank built in 1918 by the Pioneer Tractor Company,