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1917. “U.S. Navy Yard, Washington. Sig…

1917. “U.S. Navy Yard, Washington. Sight shop, big gun section.” Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative, Library of Congress. Possible future armament for the New Mexico (BB-40/42) class – Shorpy

thisdayinwwi: 89th Siege Battery, Royal Garri…


89th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery 12 inch howitzer near Dickebusch, June 14 1916

From top down:

IWM (Q 713)

IWM (Q 711)

IWM (Q 710)

Jun 14 1916 

IWM (Q 714) “12 inch howitzer (Mark I) on railway mounting of the 89th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery in action; near Dickebusch" by Brooks, Ernest (Lieutenant) (Photographer)

Apr 23 1919 in WWI

IWM (Q 6566) “The Battle of the Lys (Operation Georgette). Gunners of the 29th Siege Battery RGA getting a 6 inch Mark VII gun into position near Caestre" by Brooke, John Warwick (Lieutenant) (Photographer)

IWM (Q 6568)

Apr 22 1918 in WWI

IWM (Q 10918) “An RAF Chaplain leads the coffin of Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen past the saluting party as it enters the cemetery at Bertangles. The coffin is carried by six pilots of No. 3 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps.“ by Aitken, Thomas Keith (Second Lieutenant) 

IWM (Q 10923)

IWM (Q 10921)

Apr 21 1918 in WWI

IWM (WWC H22-20) Mrs Anna Elizabeth Whiteley, Canadian Army Medical Corps dies at Boulogne on Apr 21 1918

Apr 19 1918 in WWI

United Kingdom War Helmet cargo ship was torpedoed and sunk in the English Channel 3 nautical miles (5.6 km) east by north of the Owers Lightship ( United Kingdom) by SM UC-75 ( Imperial German Navy). Her crew survived

Apr 17 in WWI

Apr 17 1918  

 IWM (Q 11599) “Gunners of the Royal Garrison Artillery firing a 9.2 inch railway gun by its crane. Near Bethune" by Aitken, Thomas Keith (Second Lieutenant)(Photographer)

Apr 17 1917

The forced landing Itl.Flugzeug at Maria Gail Apr 17, 1917, Das zur Landung gezwungene Itl.Flugzeug bei Maria Gail – 1, 2

Apr 17 1916

IWM (Q 576) “Australian troops of the 2nd Anzac Division parading for the trenches; Fleurbaix" by Brooks, Ernest (Lieutenant) (Photographer) 

Apr 17 1915

Greek Ellispontos cargo ship was sunk in the North Sea off the Noord Hinder Lightship ( Netherlands) (51°52′N3°00′E) by SM UB-4

Apr 16 in WWI

Apr 16 1918

IWM (Q 6639) “The Battle of the Lys. A French armoured car supporting two companies of the 18th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment (Composite Force, 15th Corps). Meteren" Brooke, John Warwick (Lieutenant) (Photographer)

Apr 16 1917


Q 70033 “The French liner Sontay sinking in the Mediterranean after being torpedoed by the enemy submarine.”

Apr 16 1916

Le Petit Journal Apr 16 1916 

Les Allemands brulent leurs morts dans les hauts-fourneaux

The Germans burn their dead in blast furnaces 

Apr 16 1915 

50 blind soldiers at US home in England where they will be retrained to live life

Apr 15 in WWI

Apr 15 1918

IWM (Q 10902) “Lewis gun team manning a post on the bank of the Lys canal at St Venant during the Battle of Hazebrouck" by Aitken, Thomas Keith (Second Lieutenant) (Photographer)


Apr 15 1917

Troopship HMS Arcadian sunk in the Sea of Crete off Milos, Greece by SM UC-74 with the loss of 277 lives


Apr 15 1916 

RFC No. 30 Squad drop 13 tons of supplies to starving Anglo-Indian army at Kut


Apr 15 1915

Gunner Charles E.H. Christopher (Canadian Garrison Artillery) dies Apr. 15, 1915 of septicemia


Apr 13 in WWI

Apr 13 1918 

Finnish Civil War: German Baltic Sea Division in Helsinki”

Apr 13 1917

IWM (Q 6427) “A British tank (No. 790) ditched in a captured German gun pit. British cavalry can be seen massed in the background.“ by Brooke, John Warwick (Lieutenant) (Photographer)

Apr 13 1916 

Royal Field artilleryman floats on wreckage after a sub sunk his ship – paper

Apr 13 1915

IWM (WWC H2-83) Miss Zina Blackburn, Voluntary Aid Detachment, dies of scarlet fever contracted on duty 13 April 1915.