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A bombed out German shelter near Hanebeek during the Third Battle of Ypres – 20 September 1917.

Australian dead of the 1st Battalion on the parapet of the Line Communication Trench after the fighting at Lone Pine, August 1915.

Car used by a French official camera team of the Section Photographique et Cinematographique d’Armee. Two German 15 cm shells falling on the road killed four Scottish soldiers and broke the car’s wheel. Near Moeuvres, 27 September 1918.

Same energy.

French soldier with dead Germans and Australian soldiers with dead Ottomans, both 1915.

A dead French soldier in a captured trench on the height of Mareuil-sur-Ourcq during the Third Battle of the Aisne, June 1918.

The burial of the French Lieutanant Henry Richard Jean in Varnita, 1917.

Dead French soldiers being prepared for burial in the Argonnes, possibly 1918.

A wrecked German position near Honnebeke during the Battle of Menin Road Ridge after British artillery preparation, 20 September 1917. The position was described as “straffed to ‘ell’”.  

It’s hard to see in without zooming in but body in the foreground has a shell fragment the size of a football embedded in his chest.

Killed during the final battles on the Western Front, the bodies of Australian troops, each with its simple wooden cross, are gathered for burial at a cemetery being constructed at Guillemont Farm, 3 October 1918.

The result of a high explosive shell on Stirling Castle, a strong concrete redoubt, in the Ypres sector in Belgium, during the battle on 20 September 1917.