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“waiting, waiting, waiting”


“Why we’re here:
we’re here because we can’t
get home. The ocean is too wide, If it was narrow as the
Rhine, We’d swim to the other side. So we’re waiting, waiting waiting
until the ocean’s dry, then we’ll hike back to God’s country to Mother and
mince pie.”

June 1919, American
soldiers in France & Germany, waiting to go home – The Amaroc News: The Daily Newspaper of the
American Forces in Germany
  – Photo: spring 1919, American soldiers
in Brest, France, waiting to sail home –Tom Caulley

‘Saturday, 1st
September 1917. No. 6 is “en alerte,”
which means that No. 6 must be ready to go out in case of
a call for any special service, but no call comes, so after a day spent
waiting we turn in, half dressed, still “en alerte.”’

American ambulance driver’s diary in Lorraine, France – “No. 6” A Few Pages from the Diary of an
Ambulance Driver
– Photo: WW1, Dugny, France very rare photo of American ambulance
drivers in their tent waiting for a call and ready to roll!