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‘Tuesday, September 3, 1918 – In Vichy, …

‘Tuesday, September 3, 1918 – In Vichy, the only job is trying to figure out some way
to get money to spend at the cafes. The army has taken over all the hotels here and has
spared no money to make this a delightful place to convalesce. Vichy is some
resort! There is a very pretty park and a band is playing away all the time. My
bed is in a small ward along side a nut. He seems harmless but I shall not be
surprised to awake some morning and find my throat cut or my head battered with
a bed post.’

American ambulance driver convalescing in
Vichy, a beautiful resort town in the quiet sector of central France, untouched by war – The Compensations of War – Photo: WW1 era, Vichy, summer night concert.

‘Tuesday, September 3, 1918 – Worked li…

‘Tuesday, September 3, 1918 – Worked like a slave all day in the shop – then went
swimming in the Moselle. Afterwards I washed clothes and shaved. After supper I
wrote a letter home and read The Man in Evening Dress–a darn cheap
story. Aviators Boche kept us awake for several hours. Spent the later
evening in the cellar.’

American ambulance driver in
Lorraine, France – From the WW1 blog

Grant R. Willard, American Volunteer – Photo: WW1, Lorraine, France, auto repair shop for American and French vehicles.


                                                             ON LES AURA!

“Well, dear people, these are perilous and critical times, but
somehow I feel that “on les aura” will prove to be a justifiable war cry. We’ve
got to get them and anybody who doesn’t go down in the boat trying, ought to be exiled to Germany. If we survive
this year, all is well with the world and I think we shall.”

August 1918, American ambulance driver in France – Three Lying or Four Sitting – Photo: 1918, “ON LES AURA” (we will get them), a store located on rue St Lazare, Paris 9eme – In 1918, as Paris was big Bertha’s favorite target, Parisian
shopkeepers glued strips of tape on their windows to reduce the risk
of breakage in case of explosion. In the process, these shopkeepers found a way to express their creativity.  See great photos of Paris during WW1


                                                                 “A hell of a good time”

“Last week we left the front for
Deauville where we spent seven days leave. Certainly had a hell of a good time. We swam, went horseback riding, automobile trips, met some very fine
people and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.”

aviator, initially a volunteer ambulance driver, in the Meuse sector, France – Diary of a WW1
Pilot, ambulances, Planes, Friends.
– Photo: WW1, France, American soldiers at the beach, while en repos on the west coast of

“It’s Tabaski day! Lots of lambs will be sacri…

“It’s Tabaski day! Lots of lambs will be sacrificed for Mahomet who, in
return, promised us a delicious Heaven and succulent lamb shops!”

writer Jean-Marc Gastellu – Photo : WW1 French Muslim soldiers
celebrating Tabaski day or Eid
al-Adha – See all the awesome photos showing the Tabaski parties in France during WW1.


here I loose my bearings”

‘Tuesday, August 20 1918 –  We started at 3am. Go north to Compiegne-Soissons road, crossed the Aisne river, passed thru Attiche.The run up was a terrible strain. It is hard to
keep convoy in the dark. We telescoped each other at
every turn. Beaucoup revitaillment & large guns were on the road. The
traffic was intense —- And
here I loose my bearings. I don’t
know where we go. I just know we are ahead of our infantry &
following the Bosche retreat closely.’

American ambulance driver in the Aisne sector, France – Diaries of Samuel Keplinger. Photo: August 1918, heavy traffic on a road in the Aisne sector. Here a great French video showing the traffic during WW1 on these French roads.

‘August 20-21 1918 – Much damage last ni…

‘August 20-21 1918 – Much damage last night lots of areoplane activity –
Packed up before going on duty – Packed first aid dressing station too. Had a bath
in a bathtub filled by a spring. Had a complete change of clothing except pants
and overalls. Feeling fine!’

American ambulance driver’s diary in Cohan, Aisne sector, France – J. Reah Hollinger’s
diary – Franklin & Marshall College – Photo: August 1918, France, American’ s al fresco
bath in a bathtub! US National Archives.


                                                             Running water!

Villers Cotterets for the night. Cantoned in an actor’s chateau. Running water,
wonderful kitchen with a stove
ovens! Beautiful!”

August 1918, American ambulance driver in Aisne-Picardie – Diaries of Samuel Keplinger – Photo: 1918, morning wash in a real bathroom with running water. La Contemporaine

          Nurse Beatrice MacDonald, the first …

          Nurse Beatrice MacDonald, the first known woman to be awarded
the Purple Heart

the night of August 17, 1917,  Chief Nurse MacDonald and her unit were
assigned to work at a British Clearing Hospital, in Belgium, when the Germans bombarded the
hospital tent where MacDonald was on duty. During the course of this raid,
Miss MacDonald was gravely wounded and lost an eye. She eventually recovered and
insisted upon returning to duty, claiming, “I’ve only started doing my bit.”


National Purple Heart MuseumHarvard Library. Here Miss MacDonald’ scrapbook

‘August 5, 6, 7. 1918 –  New poste is es…

‘August 5, 6, 7. 1918 –  New
is established on top of hill near Berny, called Picardie – Sound box for Victrola arrives. Now for some

Aisne/Picardy region, France, American ambulance driver’s log – Record of S. S. U. 585 – Photo: 1918, American
soldiers, their doggy and a Victrola record player.