Category: trench warfare

Troops of the 31st French Infantry Regiment undertaking a reconstruction of the attack on the Bois des Buttes,  18 September 1917.

Australian Pioneers laying duck boards near Zonnebeke 5 October 1917.

A bombed out German shelter near Hanebeek during the Third Battle of Ypres – 20 September 1917.

A happy looking soldier of the 1/6th North Staffs, with French soldiers in a trench. Neuville St Vaast, February 1916.

Exchanging addresses during the relief. 1/6th North Staffs and 50th French Infantry, Neuville St Vaast, February 1916.

That’s pretty cute.

A group of French soldiers chop timber for use in trench construction in Aisne, 1915.

French infantrymen making knife rest barbed wire obstacles during early 1915.

Two French troops in a front line trench, using a box periscope to look over the top in Argonne, 1915.

Australian soldiers having their feet inspected for trench foot at Zonnebeke, September 1917.

Australian tunnelers pumping water from dugouts, Hooge, Belgium. 18 September 1917.