Category: third battle of ypres

Australian troops, probably from 11th Australian Brigade, resting on their way to the front line, 26 September 1917, during the Battle of Polygon Wood.

Australian soldiers resting in the shadow of a ruined farm building, September 1917.

Australian Pioneers laying duck boards near Zonnebeke 5 October 1917.

A British artillery barrage raising dust in the ruins of a town, September 1917.

Australian troops pass dead horses and war debris on the Menin Road, September 1917.

A bombed out German shelter near Hanebeek during the Third Battle of Ypres – 20 September 1917.

Australian soldiers and ammunition pack-horses walking along muddy track during the 3rd Battle of Ypres, 1917.

Wounded Australians in a scene on the Menin Road near Hooge, looking towards Birr Cross Roads, during the battle on 20 September 1917. 

French troops on a duckboard track running through a destroyed German war cemetery near Bixschoote, 28 October 1917.

A French 220 mm mortar in action at Ferme Rouge near Boesinghe, 10 August 1917.