Category: third battle of ypres

Australian soldiers resting in the shadow of a ruined farm building, September 1917.

Australian Pioneers laying duck boards near Zonnebeke 5 October 1917.

A British artillery barrage raising dust in the ruins of a town, September 1917.

Australian troops pass dead horses and war debris on the Menin Road, September 1917.

A bombed out German shelter near Hanebeek during the Third Battle of Ypres – 20 September 1917.

Australian soldiers and ammunition pack-horses walking along muddy track during the 3rd Battle of Ypres, 1917.

Wounded Australians in a scene on the Menin Road near Hooge, looking towards Birr Cross Roads, during the battle on 20 September 1917. 

French troops on a duckboard track running through a destroyed German war cemetery near Bixschoote, 28 October 1917.

A French 220 mm mortar in action at Ferme Rouge near Boesinghe, 10 August 1917.

Two blurred figures of the 1st Australian Division running from a shell burst in Glencorse Wood, 20 July 1917.