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“Teaching a child to read a map, like teaching a child to read a book, should be one of the principal goals of every geography teacher.”

French: Mapping the Geographies of French Identity, 1871-1914
– Photo: 1919,
American treacher working with the American
Committee for Devastated France
showing French schoolgirls how to read the French map – Ministère de la
culture, France

like our soldiers, our teachers and children stood up against the
invaders who tried to take their humanity away from them. They resisted until
the end and won!”

L’école sous les obus, pages vécues du
martyre de Reims
– (Schools Under Fire – Stories of the Martyred City of Reims) –
Photo: Marne sector, France, persistent teacher and students in their classroom during WW1 – La Contemporaine

‘On the whole, the
time spent in Alsace, was a period of training for the whole Sanitary Train. We
learned something about maps and trails, and especially that trails on maps and
trails on mountain sides are two very different things. We learned also to
respect our gas masks and helmets. They became our constant companions. Indeed,
the sight of school children six and eight years old going through gas mask drill
in the streets was enough to make anyone think about his gas mask…’

Spring 1918, American
ambulance driver’s notes in AlsaceHistory of Ambulance Company Number 139 – Photo,
WW1, Alsace, children & teacher who just finished their gas mask drill.
Here, a 22s great video showing French school children’s gas mask drill in 1918.

kids at Boullay-Thierry are getting on famously, many of the older ones are
going to get their cetificat
[elementary school diploma] in July, which is a triumph for
the teacher! He is a man in a thousand and devotes himself to the children
from every point of view, and they are all as happy down there as the day is

Anne Morgan’s letter to her mom – Anne Morgan and a small team of American women volunteers left their comfortable
lives in the United States to devote themselves to relief & reconstruction
work in France during and after World War I. – See more here – Photo: the school at Boullay-Thierry and the teacher Miis Morgan mentions in this
letter. Archives du Ministere de la Culture, France.

“Right at the beginning of the war, we had
to close the school because some shells were landing on the playground.
However, I set up class for the children of the neighborhood in my kitchen and
later in my cellar. As attendance grew, I moved my class to center city in a
cellar especially fortified for us by the city workers.”

WW1 French teacher in Northern
– Réponses au
questionnaire sur le territoire occupé par les armées allemandes – La
Contemporaine – Photo : WW1, France, a wine cellar becomes a classroom.

‘The help from the
teachers means so much, as here in France, the teacher is a social pivot and a power
in the community. He is always secretary to the mayor, and in the mayor’s
absence acts for him. There is no one except perhaps the curé who knows his
neighborhood as he does. And now that we are launching our campaign of public
health in the villages, we appreciate even more the knowledge and good will of
our teachers.’

1917, American women volunteers – Ladies of Grécourt, the Smith college relief unit in the
– Photo: a special photo showing a teacher gathering the children front of a damaged school building. Far left of the photo, note the little girl in a wheelchair. Gallica France.