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“Couldn’t you give me something to relieve my …

“Couldn’t you give me something to relieve my pain? Just to relieve
my pain.”
There was always the same anxious whisper: “Oh, give me something
to relieve my pain.”

July 1918, France, American medic tending to wounded soldiers
The AEF in Print: An Anthology of American Journalism in World War I
Photo: July 19-20 1918, First Aid Post, Batlle of Soissons sector, American medic tending to
a wounded soldier.

“Thursday 18 1918 – Our gloriously brill…

“Thursday 18 1918 – Our gloriously
brilliant Lieutenant ran us thru the village in
a gas mask drill. Changed gas masks 5 times — Sitting
up exercises, gas mask drill to veterans, drill, personnel inspections,
equipment inspection, full dress at the front, red cross bands to be worn at
front only
& “Take
those smiles off your faces” .

He is voted the biggest ass in the
U.S. Army. We all pray for the return of our good old Lieutenant”

American ambulance driver in the Verdun Sector, Meuse, France diaries of
Samuel Keplinger
– Photo: July 18 1918, Meuse, France, American gas mask drill.
La contemporaine.

“I see ruins, mud, long files of men foundered…

“I see ruins, mud, long files of men foundered and fordone,
taverns where they fight desperately for litres of wine, gendarmes on the
watch, trunks of trees splintered into matchwood, and wooden crosses, crosses,
crosses… . All that passes through my head, mingles, melts together. It
seems to me that my whole life will be obscured with these gloomy, sordid
horrors, that my sullied memory will never succeed in forgetting.”

WW1 French Soldier’s memoir – Wooden Crosses – Photo: WW1, in
Chauny, Aisne, France, a pensive poilu. La Contemporaine.

“This afternoon, soccer game; France wins 1-0 …

“This afternoon,
soccer game; France wins 1-0 over England – and this evening, boxing match!”

WW1 French
soldier, cook, & PoW’s diary in a camp in Germany. Histoire du football

Illustration by WW1 French soldier
Claudius Denis – “Souvenir of my captivity by the barbarians  –  The allies play soccer”  This drawing shows the allies PoWs watching a soccer
game – note the different types of uniforms of this international crowd of
allies PoWs – Here, the 10 first photos, PoW Claudius Denis’s drawings while in captivity.

‘Thursday July 11 1918 – Worked on cars …

‘Thursday July 11 1918 – Worked on cars
& sent to Oigny in the Afternoon. It’s very quiet here as the Boches
have evacuated their old positions in front of Faverolles and have gone on higher
ground so that in some places their new lines are over a kilometer from the
French first line.’

American ambulance driver in Dampleux, Aisne, France The Compensations of War – Photo: 1918, France, American ambulance drivers working on their cars.

“July 12 1918 – Harper [our cook] is sen…

“July 12
1918 – Harper [our cook] is sent to Cooking School, Base Camp –”

In Picardie, France, American ambulance driver’s log – Record of S. S. U. 585 – Photo: 1918, France, a base camp hospital’s Franco-American kitchen.

“Fourth of July – Did we celebrate? Hell…

“Fourth of July – Did we
celebrate? Hell yes!

dinner we had twelve invited Frenchmen with us. The “meat hounds”, we
call them, as they are drivers of the famous Paris autobuses, now used for
hauling meat in the Verdun sector. They sleep in the same barn with us —
immediately below. This big dinner or
banquet was the best I ever had in France. We had placement cards for all,
too!! Pinard, white wine, champagne (one bottle for 2) followed by a couple
crates of beer was the undoing of us all — except me. I was happy but not
drunk. One guy — on duty
at the Rambluzin hospital came up for dinner. God knows how he returned to the
hospital. He was dead drunk. He took sick there and telephoned for someone to
come after him. He came back on a stretcher! “All Guv Out”. I, being
the most sober fellow in camp, had to take his place.”

Fourth of July 1918, American ambulance driver’s diary in Rambluzin, Verdun sector, France
Diaries of Samuel Keplinger. Photo: July 1918, American ambulance drivers and
French soldiers’ banquet.

100 years ago the Parisian firemen of Menilmon…

100 years ago the Parisian firemen of Menilmontant threw a party for their American friends
to celebrate Independence Day.

Source: from the awesome Gondrecourt Area’s twitter feed.

‘July 5th 1918 – We are told that a numb…

‘July 5th 1918 – We are told that a number of Frenchmen in Faverolles crawled
out beyond the wire the night of the 3rd, returning 20min later. When the morning of the Fourth
dawned No Man’s Land was dotted with small American flags!’

American ambulance driver in Boursonne, Aisne, France
The Compensations of War – Photo: 1918, France, French soldiers carrying
American flags

                                 This year, 4t…

                                 This year, 4th of July must be a NATIONAL HOLIDAY

                                                       June 28 1918 – France

French Newspaper Excelsior’s headline – Source: