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                                                           “All in good fun”                                                                 

1919, Archangel, Russia – “The great high Gorka
built by the American engineers in the heart of the city afforded a
half-verst slide, a rush of clinging men and women as their toboggan coursed laughing and screaming in euphoria down
to the river where it pitched swiftly again down to the ice.”

1919, American soldiers in Archangel,
Russia –

The History of the American Expedition Fighting
the Bolsheviki Campaigning in North Russia 1918-1919

– Image: 1919, American soldiers enjoying a good slide on a gorka in Russia. See
the YouTube “339th Infantry A.E.F. in Northern Russia (1918-1919)”

“A French soldier was much interested in the …

“A French soldier was much interested in the
little puppy dog that he carried around. As soon as
he had been served a bowl of soup, he went away to give it to the puppy. But the
puppy promptly burned its young nose!

“All right!”
said the poilu, “have the dessert first” as he soaked some bread in
the soup and gave it to the pup.”

France, in a Red Cross Canteen “Serving 10,000 Meals a Day” by Forbes
Watson – Photo: WW1 French soldier carrying a puppy dog. Ministère de la culture


                                                                    Schnee von gestern !

Das ist jetzt Schnee von gestern – literally
“that’s yesterday’s snow now”, a German expression, best
translated as “that’s water under the bridge now” – Photo: WW1, France, German soldiers having great fun in the snow.

    “That toboggan just kept g…


“That toboggan just kept going down like it had a mind of its own”

Text: Allan Brown – Photo:  WW1 American soldiers having a little winter fun – National Archives

“S" is for the soup they feed us daily.&l…

“S" is for the soup they feed us daily.
“H” is for the ham we never get
“O” is for the onions they feed us
“V” is for victory
“E” is for the end of our enlistment
“L” is for the last day of the war
Put them all together they spell “shovel
The emblem of the Signal Corps
Pretty Good, huh.

WW1 American soldier’s letter home – Written by Walter Myers,
National WWI Museum and
– Photo: 1919, Germany, American soldiers posing with
their shovels. Belongs to history buff “hoosiermarine”


                                                       “Arms uplifted, as if in

you ever watched a ski-jumping contest? Thrilling! You hear a warning shout. Above you a figure stands poised aloft
for an instant. Down it drops like a winged Mercury. You hold your breath. It
falls fast, faster — faster still, dropping at dizzying speed. Now, like a bolt from heaven, it
wings to the edge of the platform, springs free and soars away into the blue.
Arms uplifted, as if in ecstasy, the jumper’s body silhouettes itself against
the sky in the very personification of swift grace. Here is speed deified,
man snapping free from
the chains binding him to earth. As a falcon drops from the clouds, the jumper
comes to earth far below and skims along to a swishing stop. You can breathe
freely once again. A new thrill has been yours, as breath-taking as you
will ever experience, unless you try the big jump yourself”

After WW1, an American in Switzerland
– Theatre Magazine – WW1
soldiers’ ski jumping contest near
the Umbrail Pass, close to the tri-country point between Switzerland,
Austria-Hungary, and Italy – Schweizerisches Bundesarchiv


                                                               Wet pants?

an hour and 45 minutes’ continuous climb we reached a house halfway up the
mountain where we rested. Then our guide said “Follow me!”, and we started
down the hill. Talk about speed! Soon I heard someone screaming. Setting my
brakes into the snow, I looked around and there I
saw the rest coming down with lightning speed. Loosening my brakes I was off
and got to the foot of the mountain in about eight minutes. Wet pants? Oh, Boy!
They sure were! It reminded me of my kid days, sliding the
cellar door.’

1919, Doughboys on Leave to the French Alps Memoirs
of France and the Eighty-Eighth Division
– Photo: WW1 American soldiers
having fun in the snow – US National Archives

                           “When the soldiers …

                           “When the soldiers had a snowball fight it
turned into a cold war”

WW1 American soldiers engaged in an epic snowball battle – US National Archives –

‘The Christmas that we all expected to be so u…

Christmas that we
all expected to be so unlike
christmas proved to be somewhat like Christmas after all. A timely snowfall on the night of 24 December enabled us to celebrate the white Christmas to
which we are used at home. On Christmas night I was on guard duty
thus missing dinner with the boys. But one old reliable friend came out and
relieved me so that I could get on “the finish”. This Christmas dinner was a
rare success!

One of the best things of all is that the war is over and we know where our
next Christmas is to be spent!’

American soldier’s Christmas day 1918 in France
–  Charles Cameroun  My father’s memoir
of World War 1 – Photo: Life
Magazine December 26th 1918: “Christmas Eve–Where Duty Is

”Saturday December 21 1918 – Up at 6.30 …

”Saturday December 21 1918 – Up at 6.30 am and off by 8.00am. All the
country had a light covering of snow and it made the hills and the forest quite
beautiful along the way. The old flivver marched fine with the new speed band
so the trip was enjoyable.”

American ambulance driver in Germany –

Arthur B Eddy’s diary –
Orleans County Department of History

– Photo: WW1, a snow-covered road –  La contemporaine, France.