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“Gillette Face”

“Some of the places here
are in tough shape from artillery and wanton destruction, but as Sherman said, "War is Hell.”

Outside of having a clean face,
which is compulsory, or rather the “Gillette Face”, we all have them,
but I won’t vouch for the rest of myself…”

WW1, American soldier in France, The Gillette Blade – Photo: 1918
or 1919, France, American ambulance drivers, snapping a “selfie” after their
morning shave, Weber State University

                               A WWI Selfie – South Australian Fighter Ace, Tom Baker

“An intriguing photographic self-portrait, perhaps one of the
earliest “selfies” on record, taken while he was undergoing flight training. It gives pause for reflection that some things have not changed as much
as we might have thought in nearly 100 years; the intent persists but the
technology has changed!”

Text and photo – Steve Larkins, RSL Virtual War Memorial
Here are several “selfies”, some of them taken before WW1.

WW1 French stretcher-bearer officer Marcel Chatenay enjoyed playing
with his camera. His album photo is interesting, at time intriguing.  Aside from taking fantastic photos of life at
the front, he experimented with mirror photography, today’s selfies. When en
in his room, he loved to take mirror portraits of himself and his
friends.  See his “selfies” here, and the
entire album @ Archives de la Ville de Saumur

“We received
also our aviator’s uniform — leather coat, helmet, goggles,
fur-lined gloves, sweater and knit hat, all of which is very imposing.”

1917 American volunteer who drove ambulances and trucks training in the famous Army flight school of Tours, France. A Poet of the Air – Photo: really awesome shot (looking like a selfie!) of an aviator in training. BnF