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Arizona Republican. December 2 1914

Three Kings on the front lines of #WW1.

King George of England, Czar of Russia and the Kaiser of Germany all visiting their men at the front

The King of Belgium also spent a lot of time on the front. On December 2, 1914 the 70-year-old King of Serbia,
Peter I, took a rifle to join his men during the 

Battle of Kolubara

July 13, 1917 – King George Visits the Western Front

Pictured – Inspecting the positions.

From July 3 until the 14th, King George performed one of his wartime duties by making a visit to the Western Front. George and Queen Mary arrived in Calais. From there the King went on a whirlwind tour, meeting Allies, troops, and seeing new weapons and strategies. He met with King Albert of Belgium, who had spent the last several years with his troops in the last corner of free Belgium. The King and the Prince of Wales also met with some of their newest allies, touring an American Red Cross hospital.

The Queen inspected airplanes and was shown a tank depot, and met with French President Poincaré. The King was treated to a display of interesting technologies, including tanks, shown how to use a trench mortar, and witnessed a demonstration from a captured German flamethrower. After meeting with Haig and General Trenchard of the RFC, the King spent a final day at an Australian headquarters, before knighting two British corps commanders and decorating several French officers.