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The Wheeling Intelligencer. December 2 1916

Wounded Serbian and Bulgarian enemies on their way to a second dressing station, after having had their injuries attended at a first field station. Their mutual misfortune seems to have caused them to overlook the hatreds of war.

1 vol. in-folio reliure demi-basane verte, La France Illustrée. Journal Littéraire, Scientifique et Religieux, 1916-1917

IWM (Q 4507) “Battle of the Ancre. Prisoners taken in Beaumont Hamel by the 51st (Highland) Division" November 13 1916 by Brooke, John Warwick (Lieutenant) (Photographer)

Production date: 1916-11-13

IWM (Q 4508) “Prisoners taken in St Pierre Divion by the 39th Division

A German ammunition column moving forward over a rough road during the advance to the Marne

while French prisoners are moved back from the line, May 1918.

Russian prisoners in German or Austro-Hungarian captivity. Note their use of steel helmets, supplied by the French.

British, American and French troops searching German prisoners for papers at Meaulte, July 1918.

Turkish prisoners, captured during the Gallipoli campaign, being marched into Sedd el Bahr with French Zouave escort.

Russian prisoners at a POW camp behind the German lines, date unknown.

British and French prisoners transporting German wounded in wheeled carts to a field hospital.

French prisoners awaiting to be marched off to captivity, probably during the German Spring Offensive, 1918.

German wounded in a temporary hospital in a French church, June 1918. With a group of captured French soldiers acting as orderlies.