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January 8, 1919, Germany, American soldiers firing 21-gun salute,
for ex-President Teddy Roosevelt (October
27, 1858 – January 6, 1919)

‘Isn’t it too bad about Teddy Roosevelt?
I’m glad that God let him live until the war ended. Every family has to have
their sorrows. He was the biggest American that has ever been before the people
yet. And during the war, his boys sure
didn’t set back in some dugout…’
  January 1919, France, American ambulance driver Loren Eliott’s Letters.

January 8 1919, an American journalist writes about Teddy Roosevelt:

“Typically American, in all ways:

He was simple in all his
ways and desires. He liked to stick close to essentials. He disliked the
tawdry. He never believed that true dignity had to be maintained by pomp and
ceremony. His home reflected his
personality. You found there none of the ostentation of wealth. It was an average
country home; there were no gilded sofas and chairs in the living room; no
grand pianos with elaborate carvings; no tapestries of rare looms and extravagant
price; no servants. It was a real home — the home of an American in spirit, in
purpose and in manner.”

Theodore Roosevelt, The Man: Some Memories Of The Greatest
American Of His Time

                    “A double-breasted fur
coat, of either kangaroo or wombat,
and a top hat”

‘On Christmas
Day, President Wilson visited the headquarters
of the AEF in Chaumont, France, and later reviewed
a large number of troops near the village of Humes.
visiting a number of soldiers in their billets

and told them that everybody at home was proud of them and had followed
every movement of the US Army with confidence and affection. The
whole nation was waiting to welcome them home with an acclaim such as never
greeted any other army.”

King’s Complete History of the World War

– Photo: Christmas day 1918, President Wilson visiting a billet
in the Marne region, France – See set of awesome photos of this historic day @
100ans en Haute Marne

                            “And the President’s smile, everyone is talking about his smile”

‘December 14 1918 – the cri de coeur is unmistakably
there. The Journal du Peuple says: “No man since Jesus has so
strongly embodied the hope of the world. For the peasant, as for the man of
letters, for the workman and the artist this name represents divine

He is starting to drive down the Champs Elysees through the
soldiers and the enormous crowds, and the flags… .

President himself, very fine. His silk hat, waved only slightly. And the
President’s smile, everyone is talking about his smile.

was the first to say in 1914, “we are making the war against war.”
They had practically stopped believing it, but now … there are thousands of
in Paris today who again believe the war has been fought for
something bigger than national preservation…’

Shepley Sergeant,
American journalist and writer in Paris – Shadow-shapes:
The Journal of a Wounded Woman, October 1918-May 1919
– Photo : December 14
1918, American president Wilson, waving his hat with a big smile, enters Paris with French
president Poincaré

sitting beside him. @ Gallica, France.

Note: a great YouTube video
showing Wilson’s arrival in Paris. The date is wrong though, Wilson arrived in
Paris on December 14th 1918.

                               “President Wilson arrives at Brest today!”

“On Friday, December 13, 1918, the George Washington steamed slowly into Brest harbor through a long double
line of gray battleships and destroyers, greeted by the thunder of presidential
salutes and the blare of marine bands. Europe thrilled with emotion, which was
half curiosity and half genuine enthusiasm: it was to see and applaud the man
who during the past eighteen months had crystallized in speech the undefined
thought of the Allied world, who represented the strength and idealism of
America, and who stood, for the moment, as the political Messiah in every
country of the Old World, victors or defeated”

Title Text:
American ambulance driver’s diary in Germany – Arthur B Eddy’s diary – Orleans County Department of History

Second paragraph: Woodrow
Wilson and the World War: A Chronicle of Our Own Times 

December 13 1918, the George Washington ship carrying President Wilson and
First lady entering the Brest Harbor in France. Here @ Gallica, more photos of
this event.