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                                                                   “Made in France”

Spring 1919, American soldier back home,
with the little dog he brought from France – WW1 archives – State Library North

             “He will take the tiniest bit of …

             “He will take the tiniest bit of raw meat
from one’s fingers just as gently as a dog”

“The love that our soldiers show for animals
is a lesson and a sermon on kindness to animals. I have visited a number of army camps and the kindness which service men shower on
their mascots is wonderful. Whether the mascot is a
dog, monkey or raccoon, the men have all, without exception, been very kind to
their pets.”

1919 – American soldiers and their pets – Animals, Massachusetts SPCA

– Photo: WW1 American soldier and
his raccoon. US National Archives


                                                      “the cutest little foxes I have ever seen!”

“When en repos the poilus trap foxes,
hedgehogs, rabbits, and other animals and then train them. Over across the road
in one of the courtyards are the cutest little foxes I have ever seen,
which play around and are just like little collies until we show up, when they
scamper off and get behind a box or a stove and blink at us. I  tried to buy one of them, but the owners are
too fond of them to let them go.”

WW1 American ambulance driver’s diary – History of the American Field Service in France – Photo: WW1 American ambulance driver holding a fox. Maine Military Historical Society


                                                                 The Gallipoli Cat

WW1, Gallipoli, Turkey – In the opening of a dugout, a super cute kitty-cat waiting to be fed – The Australian War Memorial