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                                                    “And the Great White Way went dark.”

December 1917 – Broadway/Time Square – French paper “Le Miroir” –  photos of before and during WW1, for an article on the impact of war on America, and especially the dimmed-out NYC.

On a side note:  The coldest ball drop ever recorded was in 1917. The wind chill
at the time was -18 degrees, and the high of the day was 6
degree! The celebration went dark due to a wartime coal shortage, but the ball
was still lowered — and New Yorkers still partied with “tin horns and feather ticklers and confetti”

Source: Le Miroir Buzzfeed The Great White WayNYpost

‘When we were all down in the hole eating dinner on this day the…

‘When we were all down in
the hole eating dinner on this day the ship seemed to be moving. Some of the
men went up to see if we were leaving and in a short time every man was on
deck watching our Dear Old America fade away below the horizon. We sailed out
past the Statue of Liberty and as we saw it fading away the men began to
realize that we were fast leaving our homes behind, some of us never to

1917, American soldiers sailing to France –  Memoirs of
France and the Eighty-eighth Division
– Photo: New
York Harbor, 1917, awesome shot taken aboard the Espagne, by an ambulance driver member of an American ambulance unit sailing to France with US
troops. Maine Military Historical Society