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                                                             Good Morning!

WW1 Awesome American soldiers’ morning routine at camp.

                                                             Running water!

Villers Cotterets for the night. Cantoned in an actor’s chateau. Running water,
wonderful kitchen with a stove
ovens! Beautiful!”

August 1918, American ambulance driver in Aisne-Picardie – Diaries of Samuel Keplinger – Photo: 1918, morning wash in a real bathroom with running water. La Contemporaine

‘After a cramped fifteen-hour overnight train ride they arrived at the Gare d’Austerlitz.
There was no time for breakfast or a wash, but French Red Cross ladies poured them hot coffee with
rum and they marched off to a loud welcome!’

Over There: The United States in the Great
War, 1917-1918
– Photo: WW1, Gare d’Austerlitz, Paris, French Red Cross ladies welcome the American troops with coffee and rum,

bien sûr!  La Contemporaine.

I’m happy – We managed to find milk at a farm, and this morning for breakfast we had the luxury of a huge bowl of café

au lait !

WW1, France, French soldier’s diary –

de 1914-1918 : Mon carnet de route

– Photo: WW1 French soldier enjoying breakfast. Sometimes, the French soldiers’ coffee was poured directly into their metal tins instead of the traditional French bowl. – Mission Centenaire

Bungalow for Two

in Cunel, Meuse, France. A gas-proof dugout, called
“A Bungalow for Two.”
Also says “Wipe Your Feet” and
“I Want to Go Home”. National
Museum of Health and Medicine
–  A sweet
photo, but it seems to have been photoshopped. Here, the same shot (from Mr Picquart’s collection), same soldiers, same dugout, but sans the humoritics inscriptions.                                                                           

“The “morning watch" hour was significant as it was at that
hour that “over the top" signals came
frequently. This hill
commanded a view of the lines. I climbed up into a tree where there was an observation post.
I kept an eye on my watch. The time was near. Another minute and the boys would
be going over and up there in that tree I held a
little “morning watch” service for them. I watched them go over. I couldn’t
distinguish their forms because of the fog in the valley, but I said, “Right
down there, God—there in the fog– our boys are going over the top. Take care of them, God. Go, with
them. Bless  them.” That was the strangest
“morning watch” I ever kept.

1918, France, The Morning watch – The Outlook, Vol. 120: Published Weekly 1918 – Photo:
early spring 1918, Meurthe et Moselle, France, American soldier’s Morning
Watch. – Archives du Ministère de la Culture.


‘Here, coffee is served in bowls such as the ones we use at home for oatmeal; the
contents is the equivalent of three ordinary cups; practice is needed to handle
the heavy bowl full to the brim with hot coffee; there is no handle to the contraption!’

the American Red Cross in France, 1918-1919
– WW1, France, coffee being served à la
–  in a bowl that is!

                                                              Morning routine

‘February 1
1918 –  Several men take gas test.’

Meuse, France – American
ambulance driver’s log – Record of S. S. U. 585
– Photo: Surprise Gas Test – Ministère de la Culture – France