Category: german spring offensive

French Chasseurs cyclists resting during a halt during the attack in the forest of Villers-Cotterets, 18 July 1918.

French troops digging in with their entrenching tools. North of Courville, 29 May 1918.

British soldiers digging reserve trenches at Oudezeele, 1 June 1918.

A French Schneider 105mm mle 1913 heavy field gun next to a camouflaged British 60 pounder battery in the open. Near Amiens, 21 April 1918.

A German ammunition column moving forward over a rough road during the advance to the Marne

while French prisoners are moved back from the line, May 1918.

Wounded German and French soldiers helping each other on the way back. during the Second Battle of the Marne, July 1918.

Mounted men of the French 28th Cavalry Regiment and other French and some British troops (possibly of the 61st Division) at a barricade, Roye, 26th March 1918.

French troops in rifle pits on the front line near Le Plessier, 2 April 1918.

Crop’s coming in good this year.

French prisoners being marched off to captivity. Photograph most likely taken during the German Spring Offensive, 1918.

A dead French soldier in a captured trench on the height of Mareuil-sur-Ourcq during the Third Battle of the Aisne, June 1918.