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Above a German front line trench appeared a plank on which in big letters was scrawled these words:
“The English are fools.”
“Not such bloody fools as all that!” said a sergeant, and in a few minutes the plank was smashed to splinters by rifle-fire.
Another plank appeared with the words:
“The French are fools.”
Loyalty to our allies caused the destruction of that board.
A third plank was put up.
“We’re all fools. Let’s all go home.”
That board was also shot to pieces, but the message caused some laughter.

A German soldier on a barrel of captured French heavy gun with which Laon was bombarded, June 1918.

The German Retreat from the Marne – John Charlton, 1915.

A German ammunition column moving forward over a rough road during the advance to the Marne

while French prisoners are moved back from the line, May 1918.

Wounded German and French soldiers helping each other on the way back. during the Second Battle of the Marne, July 1918.

British, American and French troops searching German prisoners for papers at Meaulte, July 1918.

British and French prisoners transporting German wounded in wheeled carts to a field hospital.

German troops on foot and on a lorry passing through ruins of a French town, date unknown.

German troops by a grave of a French spy, presumably shot by a firing squad, April 1917.

German troops moving through a ruined French village on their way up the front line, date unknown.