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Found the French next to us most cheery and looking wide awake. They had an awful contraption called a “piège à Boches”, so arranged that any German jumping in was impaled and caught in barbed wire. This French division has been in this part of the line since mid-October, and their little pathetic groups of graves just behind parts of our trenches, mark places where snipers are active.

Troops of the 31st French Infantry Regiment undertaking a reconstruction of the attack on the Bois des Buttes,  18 September 1917.

French Renault FT tanks passing through the village of Audignicourt on their way to the front line, May-June 1918.

French gunners firing a 155 mm artillery gun near Vrely, August 1916.

French 47 mm anti-aircraft guns in action at Villers-Bretonneux, 11 November 1916.

220mm heavy mortars at the equipment repair park of northern group of French armies at La Neuville-Sire-Bernard, 29 July 1916.

French Renault FT tanks going up to the front line near Fresnoy-en-Chaussee, 1918.

French troops manning a Hotchkiss machine gun in a pillbox at the Fort Vaux, 22 November 1916.

French troops on a duckboard track running through a destroyed German war cemetery near Bixschoote, 28 October 1917.

French troops setting up a motor winch of the observation balloon to establish an observation post at Montchenot (Marne), 7 May 1918.