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October 3 1917 – We made our slow and tortuous way south through…

October 3 1917 – We made our slow
and tortuous way south through a continuous traffic jam some 20 miles to the
village of Vaubécourt where tents were set up again. The kitchen trailer
was delayed so
we went in
search of food. After many failures we found ourselves in the back room of a
tumbled-down house by going through a stable. The room was bare but
scrupulously clean and with a cheerful fire on a wide hearth. Two old women
served us with fried potatoes, cider and pears which, added to the tins of meat
we had brought and a huge loaf of bread and cheese made quite a
meal! They told us of the vandalism and wanton destruction of the Huns when
they occupied the village. They sent all furniture and
goods  to Germany and burnt the houses. After libertating the town the English gave
each of the inhabitants of the destroyed villages around here a bed, some
clothes, a rooster, a hen and a cow.

American ambulance driver in Vaubécourt, Meuse region, France –  Diary of Jerome Preston – An Innocent Abroad. Photo: 1917, Meuse region farmhouse. BnF