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Above a German front line trench appeared a plank on which in big letters was scrawled these words:
“The English are fools.”
“Not such bloody fools as all that!” said a sergeant, and in a few minutes the plank was smashed to splinters by rifle-fire.
Another plank appeared with the words:
“The French are fools.”
Loyalty to our allies caused the destruction of that board.
A third plank was put up.
“We’re all fools. Let’s all go home.”
That board was also shot to pieces, but the message caused some laughter.

Wounded Soldiers in Palestine Being Carried on Cacolets on the Backs of Camels – George Pirie, 1917.

A Ward in The London Hospital  – John Lavery, date unknown.

Two Men Carrying a Stretcher among the Trenches in France – Daryl Lindsay, c1916

Scene of the Gatehouse at Welbeck Abbey, Nottinghamshire – Arthur Spooning, 1918.

Infantry Brigade Signal Office, Flanders HQ – Francis Patrick Martin, c1916.

French and British officers at the entrance to the Salle des Fetes (I think this is kind of like a town hall or a community centre?) at the citadel in Amiens, 14 July 1918.

Merry-Go-Round – Mark Gertler, 1916.

I usually like the really modernist stuff, but I’m not a fan of this.

A Tank in Action – John Hassal, 1917.

A happy looking soldier of the 1/6th North Staffs, with French soldiers in a trench. Neuville St Vaast, February 1916.