Category: AIF

The band of the 21 Australian Battalion rehearse in the middle of a ruined farmyard at Cappy, 7 September 1918.

Australian troops prepare a meal in their billet among the ruins of a house near Ypres, 9 November 1917.

Arab revolutionaries inspecting a Bristol F.2B of No. 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps, while Australian officers watch on. 

Australian soldiers outside a bath house near Ypres on 1 November 1917.

The Smart Set concert party of the 4 Australian Division discussing alternative arrangements in the ruins of their improvised concert hall, 31 May 1918.

Troops of the 2nd Australian Division digging a grave in a German cemetery at Ervillers, March 1917.

Australian troops popping a mad wheelie in a Holt electric tractor.

A soldier from the 5th Australian Division darts through the ruins of the Grande Place, Peronne, following the capture of the town as part of the Battle of Bapaume, 3 September 1918.

Zooming in on the IWM website it looks like he’s holding a German flare gun actually.

Australians firing a volley at the graveside of the Red Baron, Rittmeister Manfred von Richthofen. No. 3 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps. Bertangles, 22 April 1918.

A lecture and then demonstration on explosives being given to a Field Squadron of the Australian Engineers in camp at el-Arīsh in Egypt, December 1917.