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Jun 18 1916 in WWI

Northeast ridge (left) from the base height, in the background the small and the big fronts

Nordostgrat (links) von der Köderhöhe, im Hintergrunde der kleine und der grosse TRIEB. Aufgenommen am 18. Juni 1916

Dataset: 9200291_NL_ONB_EC1914_Picture_material_Photographs

Jun 18 1915 in WWI

Jun 18 1915 Famous Bird Man Hero, the Zeppelin Killer, Lt Warnford falls from sky to his death – 

Bisbee daily review. (Bisbee, Ariz.)

Jun 18 1919 “A letter concerning the all…

Jun 18 1919 “A letter concerning the allocation of a badge for the members / volunteers of the St. John’s Ambulance Association / Brigade. Part of the Julie Tomlinson collection, AG 222”

Visit of President Woodrow Wilson to Belgium, …

Visit of President Woodrow Wilson to Belgium, Jun 18 1919

Jun 18 1919 A group of businessmen including t…

Jun 18 1919 A group of businessmen including the philanthropist Isaac Leib Goldberg take over a British newspaper and found Hadashot Ha’aretz (“News of the Land”). Later, shortening the name to Haaretz

Hungarians Set Up Slovak Soviet Republic


The establishment of the short-lived Slovak Soviet Republic.

June 16 1919, Prešov–The Hungarians had made considerable gains in Slovakia since going on the offensive there in late May.  The Allies in Paris were growing increasingly frustrated with Hungary, but were divided on what to do and had little real authority in the area.  The French wanted the Romanians to cross the Tisza and overthrow Béla Kun by force, but the Americans were worried that this would lead to an irreversible expansion of Romania.  Ultimately, they settled on a series of sharply-worded telegrams to Hungary, Romania, and Czechoslovakia, sent on June 12.  The Allies had decided on Hungary’s borders, and all three countries would withdraw their forces behind their new frontiers; these decisions could not be changed “by the unscrupulous use of military methods.”

On June 16, the Hungarians, likely in response, decided to resort to political methods instead, setting up a Slovak Soviet Republic in the areas they had taken.  This made the conflict in Slovakia technically an internal Slovakian matter, separate from the question of the Hungarian-Slovakian frontier.  This did not satisfy the Allies, however, and the Hungarians (by now also suffering reverses in the field) agreed to withdraw from Slovakia entirely; the Slovak Soviet Republic would last only three weeks.  Hungarian hopes that the Romanians would also adhere to Allied demands and pull back from the Tisza were not fulfilled.  Hungary’s establishment of the Slovak Soviet Republic and subsequent withdrawal only managed to alienate Hungarian nationalists, who had supported Béla Kun’s regime not out of affection for communism, but because they thought he offered the best hope for preventing the loss of territory to Hungary’s neighbors.

Sources include: Margaret MacMillan, Paris 1919; Glenn E. Torrey, The Romanian Battlefront in World War I.

thisdayinwwi:Jun 17 1918 “The commander of No….


Jun 17 1918 “The commander of No. 22 Squadron talking to the squadron’s parrot mascot perched on the propeller of a Bristol Fighter. Serny aerodrome”

IWM (Q 12048) photo by McLellan, David (Second Lieutenant)(Photographer)

Jun 17 1918 in WWI

IWM (Q 12059) “A Bristol Fighter of No. 22 Squadron; the “flank guard” in the formation. Taken from another machine. Serny aerodrome" by McLellan, David (Second Lieutenant)(Photographer)

IWM (Q 12054) “Four Bristol Fighters of No. 22 Squadron leaving Serny aerodrome in formation. The machines on the ground being towed out of the hangars are Sopwith Camels.“ by McLellan, David (Second Lieutenant)(Photographer)

IWM (Q 12056) “A Bristol Fighter of No. 22 Squadron in flight climbing to its position in the formation, taken from another aircraft. Serny aerodrome” by McLellan, David (Second Lieutenant)(Photographer)

IWM (Q 12057) “A Bristol Fighter of No. 22 Squadron “banking”. Taken from another machine, Serny aerodrome" by McLellan, David (Second Lieutenant)(Photographer)

thisdayinwwi:Miss Winifred Shepherd, Voluntary…


Miss Winifred Shepherd, Voluntary Aid Detachments. Died of illness contracted on duty Jun 17 1917…

IWM (WWC H2-9-A)

thisdayinwwi:British planes down Zeppelin L 48…


British planes down Zeppelin L 48 which crashed in fields at Holly Tree Farm at Theberton, Suffolk #OTD Jun 17 1917…