January 8, 1919, Germany, American soldiers fi…

January 8, 1919, Germany, American soldiers firing 21-gun salute,
for ex-President Teddy Roosevelt (October
27, 1858 – January 6, 1919)

‘Isn’t it too bad about Teddy Roosevelt?
I’m glad that God let him live until the war ended. Every family has to have
their sorrows. He was the biggest American that has ever been before the people
yet. And during the war, his boys sure
didn’t set back in some dugout…’
  January 1919, France, American ambulance driver Loren Eliott’s Letters.

January 8 1919, an American journalist writes about Teddy Roosevelt:

“Typically American, in all ways:

He was simple in all his
ways and desires. He liked to stick close to essentials. He disliked the
tawdry. He never believed that true dignity had to be maintained by pomp and
ceremony. His home reflected his
personality. You found there none of the ostentation of wealth. It was an average
country home; there were no gilded sofas and chairs in the living room; no
grand pianos with elaborate carvings; no tapestries of rare looms and extravagant
price; no servants. It was a real home — the home of an American in spirit, in
purpose and in manner.”

Theodore Roosevelt, The Man: Some Memories Of The Greatest
American Of His Time