“Wednesday October 2 1918 – “The news is…

“Wednesday October 2 1918 – “The news is marvelous –
Bulgarian has consented to a complete surrender – St Quentin and Cambrai have
been partly taken by the allies – Turkey’s fall is imminent. How can the
Germans hold on?”

Indeed, German military commander Hindenburg, could not have
agreed more! In his memoirs, he wrote about the Meuse-Argonne
offensive: “It was plain that this situation could not last. Our armies
were too weak and too tired. Moreover, the pressure which the American masses
were putting on our most sensitive point in the region of the Meuse was too

American ambulance driver’s diary in the Meuse Argonne
sector – Arthur B Eddy’s WW1 diary – Orleans County Department of History – Photo: 1918,  German prisoners in Argonne. Argonne 14-18