“You s…

                                        “You splendid!” – “Vous bien!”

‘I wish I could find the translation for the French word “épatant”,
because it is the term the French use when they refer to the Americans: “Ils
sont épatants!
”  – They are ripping—topping,
but “épatant” means even more. “You should see them fight! American heroism is even beyond what
we had expected from them.

The Americans are beginning to speak French
and the French to speak English. They are mutual professors to each other.
Everywhere in the streets, lessons are given and received with mutual gratitude
and compliments:

You splendid!

Vous bien!

 And so on.’

Summer 1918, American journalist in France –

Outlook, Volume 120

– Photo: Sunday August 11 1918 in the ruins of the church in Montdidier, Somme, France, American & French soldiers & amis.