“Don’t you worry about me”

“April 1918 – Have seen more war during
the past week than I saw in a year and a half in the Ambulance; Verdun and
Monastir thrown in. I realize more and more what a nasty business it all is. It
is all right as long as you can stay in your burrow, but when you have got to
go outside, where it’s falling all around, it is no fun at all. We’ve had a
little bit of everything, including gas. Have been awfully lucky three or four
times. Was caught outside making the rounds yesterday morning— couldn’t go in
any direction—so crawled into a shell hole and stayed there until it was over.

Don’t you worry about me. Am very, very happy to be with the
French. They have certainly treated me wonderfully. Am still very green, but am
learning as fast as possible. It is all a glorious experience”

In Aisne, France, a “green” American infantry soldier, initially
a volunteer ambulance driver, at the front during the German Spring Offensive

– Photo: Spring 1918, France, American and French soldiers taking shelter. Archives du Ministere de la Culture, France.