“Today I was patrolling over No-Man’s-La…

“Today I
was patrolling over No-Man’s-Land
when I came upon a Boche plane doing the same stunt.

machine was in speed and gunfire almost exactly
equal to mine. He also turned out to be my equal, either in efficiency or
inefficiency, as the case may have been, and for
fully twenty minutes we maneuvered about one another, doing all the tricks known to aviation and apparently having
chances innumerable to dispatch one another. Every one of them
went to waste, and at last I fired my final
cartridge and turned toward home, fully expecting him to
pursue and make the most
of his opportunity.

he too, turned homeward, and I concluded that he, like myself, had exhausted
his ammunition.

as we parted we waved each other farewell.”

WW1 American aviator in France – Go, Get ‘em!: The True
Adventures of an American Aviator
– Photo: American aviator – Cool photo taken by his observer. San
Diego Air & Space Museum