God understands that,
doesn’t He?

‘At the front it is very
difficult to pray well, you have so little time to yourself, and you are interrupted at
every instant. It has happened to me, dead with sleep, to drop off into a slumber while praying, and when I wake up later in
the night, I go right on praying in order to put me to sleep again. But God
understands that, doesn’t He? And anyway, prayer seems to me to be a constant
state. God knows that if I do not pray to Him with my lips, I do so with my
heart every day. He knows my dearest wishes, my most ardent prayers, and He
knows that I believe in Him.’

WW1 French soldier’s letters – From the beautiful book “A Soldier Unafraid: Letters from the Trenches on the Alsatian Front” – WW1, France, a French soldier’s moment of contemplation in a church damaged by German shells. La Contemporaine, France.