“April 11 1918, Lillers  – The day crowd…

April 11 1918, Lillers  – The day
crowded with work of all kinds, though only an occasional cranial operation.
The Boche got a direct hit on a troop train and several lorries full of wounded
were brought in—many of them dead on reaching us. Meanwhile the flow of men
from the retreating front keeps up. They shoved in on us.

This afternoon, refugees began to
pour through—old men carrying packs, women pulling carts, pushing baby
carriages. Where were they going? They didn’t know—just away, that’s all.”

American surgeons’ diary in Lillers,
in the thick of the Second German Offensive aka  “Battle of the Lys” –  From a Surgeon’s Journal – Photo: April 11
1918 in Lillers
, beautiful & iconic photo showing British soldiers bringing a lady refugee
and her baby to safety. La Contemporaire