“March 12 1918 — A fierce barrage start…

“March 12 1918
— A fierce barrage started at 5:30 A.M. in our secteur
all morning. At 2:00am I got a
call – the road
was filled with shell holes. mostly little ones made by gas shells. There was a
strong odor of gas. Luckily. we had just been issued our new masks. These masks
(which look just like the Boche ones) contain a wonderful new combination of
chemicals that protect against all kinds of gas. Just as I started off with 6 intoxiqués.
the shelling began again. My car was a horrid mess when they got out…”

In the Marne region, American
ambulance driver’s diary – Diary of Jerome Preston – Photo: February 1918,
France, American ambulance drivers and soldiers receiving their new gasmasks. ECPAD. See interesting photos “March 1918 – Ludendorf Offensive”  ECPAD  French slideshow