“I often look at your
photo, your dear face”

“I love you more than ever. I long to take
you in my arms again, what a lot of love we have missed but please God, it will
make it all the sweeter when I see you. I often look at your photo, your
dear face and think of the times we have had together, some lovely days, eh
love, and when I think again of some of the worry I have caused you, it makes
me only the more eager to get home to you to atone for all
the anxious moments you have had to put up with. You always stuck by me in all
things dear God bless you for it.”

WW1 soldier’s love letter to his beloved
wife – Bloody Good: Chivalry, Sacrifice, and the Great War – Photo: WW1 soldier – Musée
canadien de la guerre