I’m in love with a subway guard                                                          

My heart is fairly broke,

With grief I am chokin’

To Paris they won’t let me go.

And ride upon the old Metro.

It’s pretty tough, it’s mighty hard.

Cause I’m in love with a subway guard.

With a flick of her pretty hand.

She signals to the motor man.

He gives the crank a turn or two.

She gets me with those signals too,

And brakes the cars so cleverly

I know she’s often broken me.

If you want to ride free.

hit the sub with me.

But we can’t reach Paris anymore

And truly my heart is sore.

If I only thought she could care

Off to Paris I would tear

Even if I had to risk a raid

To see my Little
subway guard.

February 1918, American ambulance driver’s poem – WW1 American Field Service Bulletin # 33 – Illustration: WW1, Paris, a French subway