“I have been very, very busy and I am quite fa…

“I have been very,
very busy and I am quite fatigued. I have practically finished
the complete overhauling of my machine! It was quite a job and I am glad it is
over. The whole car was taken apart and put together again. It is practically a
new car now and runs like a sewing machine. It is a matter of
self-protection for a driver to keep his car in the best condition. You don’t
want to break down on these roads between the posts and the front.
These trips must be no stop trips, unless you want an entirely new car…”

February 1918, Verdun Sector – American
ambulance driver’s letter – Letters
from Verdun: Frontline Experiences of an American Volunteer in WW1 France

Photo: February 1918, Eastern France, American ambulance driver working on his
car – University of Kentucky Special Collections