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February 12, 1918 – Kaiser Wilhelm Demands Continued War to Break “Forces of International Jewry and Freemasonry”

Pictured – A Weimar era poster reminds gentiles of the sacrifices Jews paid for Germany during the war: “12,000 Jewish soldiers died on the field of honor for the fatherland.
Christian and Jewish heroes fought together and rest together in foreign
soil. 12,000 Jews fell in battle! Blind, enraged Party hatred does not
stop at the graves of the dead. German Women, do not allow that the
suffering Jewish mother is mocked in her pain! The Reich Association of
Jewish Combat Veterans”

Furious at anti-war protests within Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm spoke to the citizens of Bad Homburg on February 10, reminding them that “War is a disciplinary action by God to educate mankind.” In private he fumed to his War Council that week in Hamburg that blame for dissent in Germany and anti-German diplomacy in the world was a grand conspiracy between “Bolsheviks supported by President Wilson,” the forces of “international Jewry,” and the Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasons.

The Kaiser seems to have been ignorant of the fact that as many of 10,000 Jews and many thousands of Freemasons had fallen on the front-lines to further his ambitions of empire. He also conveniently forgot that Germany had helped send Vladimir Lenin back to Russia to cause chaos within the country. But the forces of irrational prejudice were strong in the German Empire. German conservative-nationalists had a history of flagrant anti-Semitism which stretched back before 1871, and often tapped into it to create political support.

The worst example during the war was the Jewish Census of 1916, which counted Jewish soldiers serving in the German military in the incorrect belief that Jews were avoiding conscription. The unreleased census data actually showed a disproportionate amount of Jewish men at the front, but the fact that a census had been taken at all merely confirmed the right-wing mentality that there was a Jewish problem. The “stab-in-the-back” myth promulgated by the German right was not a Nazi invention; it had already begun during the war.