“Speaking of food, I must say that chow is a s…

of food, I must say that chow is a soldier’s obsession; if he can not get what he wants he can talkand dream about it. At any time of the night any fellow might break into a
discourse about  food, perhaps describing
in detail the hot biscuits his mother used to make, and how he had always
put gobs of golden butter in between, or he might describe in detail pies of
every known species and variety. Of course a shower of footwear would
cause him to desist, but always he would add, “Oh! them wuz the days!””

A Soldier
in World War I: The Diary of Elmer W. Sherwood
– Photo: Early 1918, La
Chapelle, Vosges,
France, American soldiers’s long-awaited mealtime.