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The Battles of Armageddon: Megiddo and the Jezreel Valley from the Bronze Age to the Nuclear Age, by Dr. Eric H. Cline

One of Dr. Cline’s theories that pertain closer to the modern day than his usual archaeological focus is that General Allenby directly referenced the tactics of Thutmose III in his drive to Megiddo (translated to English, the hill’s name means Armageddon). Allenby’s drive through two passes with the Fourth Cavalry through the Musmus Pass and the Fifth Cavalry through the Abu Shusheh Pass in 1918 was roughly similar to Thutmose the III’s victory in the 15th century BCE, a gap of some ~3400 years. Cline’s research into confirming Allenby’s knowledge of Thutmose III’s strategies is an interesting exercise in proving misconceptions and finding new evidence.