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January 11, 1918 – US House of Representatives Approves Women’s Suffrage, UK House of Lords Approves Votes for Women Over Thirty

Pictured – The continued efforts of suffragettes in both the US and the UK guaranteed women the vote after the war. In France, on the other hand, suffragettes assumed they would receive the vote after the war for their help – and had to wait to get it until 1944.

The movement for women’s suffrage gained a trans-Atlantic success in January 1918 as the US House of Representatives and the British House of Lords approved voting rights for women on the same day. In America, the House voted, dramatically, in favor of an amendment by the exact two-thirds needed.. Democrats were 104 to 102 in favor, Republicans 165 to 33. Montana’s Jeanette Rankin, Congress’s first (and only) female representative, spoke in favor.

Across the pond, a vocal women’s movement began to show dividends as the House of Lords approved the Representation of the People Act by an overwhelming 134 to 71, which eliminated property qualifications, gave the vote to all men over 21, and to all women over 30. The over-thirties were believed to be a reliably pro-government bloc, although this did not stop Lord Curzon from speaking out against the act as leading to socialism.