December 1917, Jerusalem

‘I entered Jerusalem at noon, December 11th, with a few of
my staff, the commanders of the French and Italian detachments, the heads of
the political missions, and the Military Attaches of France, Italy, and

The procession was all afoot, and at Jaffa gate I was
received by the guards representing England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales,
Australia, New Zealand, India, France, and Italy.  The population received
me well.

Guards have been placed over the holy places.  The
Governor has detailed an officer to supervise the holy places.

The Mosque of Omar and the area around it have been
placed under Moslem control, and a military cordon of Mohammedan officers and
s has been established around the mosque.

Orders have been issued that no non-Moslem is to pass
within the cordon without permission of the Military Governor and the Moslem in

Source:  Records of the Great War, Vol. V  – Photo: December 11 1917, General
Allenby, head of the British and Allied forces,
enters Jerusalem after liberating it from the Turks. More photos: @Library of Congress