‘I am in Paris – I won…

‘I am
in Paris – I won’t mar my Xmas letter by writing of gloomy things,
so it must be brief as nothing is very cheerful at present, although the
Germans seem to be checked in Italy. Our bureau may extend its activities to
Rome, in which case I will probably be sent there. My work is intensely
interesting. We have at present about 600 children under our direct
care whom we house, feed and clothe, besides those under the care of the
doctors and nurses in about ten dispensaries. We open a big welfare center in
Paris January 1st with the Rockefeller Institute people, who are launching a
big tuberculosis campaign.’

December 1917, American Red Cross lady’s letter home. Intimate Letters From France – Photo: 1917, France, Red Cross worker with 2 little refugees under her care. Library of Congress