‘December 3 1917 – Arrived here for the night….

‘December 3
1917 – Arrived here for the night. I followed my guide into a maze of trenches
leading to the poste, sloping downward with short, regular steps and
plenty of head-room, unlike any other abri I’ve ever seen! At the foot
is a broad archway and then comes the door of the main room of the poste.
What a surprise to find a blazing fire crackling on a hearth filling the place
with warmth and comfort. The Médecin Chef lounged on a bench with his
slippered feet and several brancardiers were talking quietly. A more
peaceful, homelike spot would be hard to find! From another wing of the abri
floated softly the sound of a flute and men’s voices in chorus. The Médecin
nodded his head in approval. “It keeps the men happy,” he
said. Reluctantly I broke away from the warm fire and crept into my narrow

ambulance driver in Marne, France – History of the American Field Service in
– Photo: WW1, France, abri (shelter) on a calm night. Gallica-BnF