“Bordeaux, November 1917 – Well, my firs…

“Bordeaux, November 1917 – Well, my first day’s work at Bordeaux has been most
awesome! The Y has taken over a huge building facing on the central Place and the Y. M. C. A. letters painted on the front can be seen many
blocks away. The work here is very similar to that in Paris, only on a much
larger scale. We serve the men with tea, coffee, cakes, ice cream, etc., and in
between times go in and talk and sing with them or play games. Our
engineers are remaking France. The French people stand about watching with
their mouths wide open!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It
seems strange with you all so far away. But we will be very busy as we are
having a party for all the boys!’

American volunteer, Red Cross worker in Bordeaux, France – Canteening Overseas 1917-1919 – 1917, Bordeaux, fun time at the American Red Cross canteen. Library of Congress