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October 2, 1917 – Russian Ships Mutiny in the Baltic

Pictured – German operations in the Gulf of Riga, October 1917. The refusal of Russian ships to block the initial German moves led to serious defeats in the Baltic.

Like the army, the Russian navy was in a revolutionary mood. The sailors. men with industrial skills, were in fact even more mutinous than their comrades on land, which was true in most other European nations as well. On October 2 the Russian fleet in the Baltic refused to obey orders from the Provisional Government and block a German move into the Gulf of Riga. Because the minelayer Pripyat refused to budge, German troop transports moved through a gap in the naval minefields to land soldiers on two large islands in the Gulf, Dagö and Oesel. With possession of the islands the Russian ships in the Baltic were stranded, and would take heavy losses trying to escape.