‘September 16 191714 camions [supply trucks] were called at…

‘September 16 1917

14 camions [supply trucks]
were called at 4:15am so at 5am we pulled out for a 12 ½ hour trip. We
saw some real sights. At one place where we stopped we saw a big sign
painted in white over the front of a big factory with now only a
wall standing, bearing the words “Gott strafe England 1914-15”
. This shows
how bitter the Germans are. We were on the road just 12 ½ hours today so when
we got home, I was some tired, believe me.’

American truck driver’s diary/letter in Aisnes – A daily
diary of the Great War – Library Muse Darmouth College Library – Photo:
September 1917 in the Aisne region, France,  American supply trucks passing through Braine
on their way to Bucy-le-long (Michelin map) – BnF