September 15, 1917 – Democratic Conference Convenes to Form…

September 15, 1917 – Democratic Conference Convenes to Form Coalition Russian Government

Pictured – Kerensky.

With the new republic already badly shaken by the Kornilov affair, the Russian Provisional Government convened a democratic conference to form a legitimate government for the country. 1,200 delegates attended the Petrograd meeting, including the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, and other radical elements of the city soviets. Their key leaders, however, like Lenin and Trotsky, did not attend, as they were wanted for arrest. In exile Lenin published a book documenting his plan to save the country from impending famine and political ruin.

The conference with so many different delegates was difficult to control, and came to no agreement about a coalition government. The Provisional Government decided to create a smaller council within the conference to come to an agreement, which unsurprisingly created the sort of government that Kerensky wanted. The Bolsheviks in attendance voted in favor of the new government coalition anyway, however, even though Lenin voiced his dissatisfaction. This new cabinet would the Provisional Government’s last before the October Revolution.