“I am not…

                                                     “I am not afraid… I was born to do this”

                                                                          Joan of Arc

Jeanne d’Arc statue is still uninjured. But the famous Cathedral, the first target of the German cannon, is
slowly being chipped to pieces.

Reims is the worst specimen of
war’s destruction
most of us has ever seen. This once flourishing city, home to factories and prosperous shops and stores, is being battered
to a pulp. Street after street, home after home, is only a mere suggestion of what
it has been.

In and around the city, every building seems
to have been struck. Great mill chimneys are broken away, machinery are twisted
and ruined, walls lay flat, or stood mutilated in a vain attempt to mark a
house or a store.

This sights stirred us even more than the
one of the Cathedral, still beautiful even under its wounds.’

WW1 American ambulance
driver’s notes – History of Section 647 – Photo: September 15 1917 – The statue
of Jeanne d’Arc (seen from the back) erected front of the Cathedral of Reims
– The statue was later removed to protect it against the constant bombardments from the Germans and reinstalled after the war –
Section photographique de l’armée