‘It’s the grand spring offensive. Our cars needs to be in the…

‘It’s the grand
spring offensive. Our cars needs to be in the finest possible condition, since
our mission is to evacuate blessés over the ground formerly held by the
Germans for so long
. In fact, the Médecin Chef asked us if our cars
would be capable of travelling over trenches and through ploughed fields. He
evidently does not know the Ford.  

So this morning we received a message asking us to spare five cars to the triage
hospital with more wounded than they could take care of. Five of us were
assigned to this duty, which, because of the bad weather and bad roads,
was not easy to perform. We had to transport our blessés one a sunken
road running along a canal, and in terrible conditions, due to the heavy
of the past week and the constant rains. We drove as slowly as possible, to get your men through alive.
The last seven kilometres were macadamized, but with the usual bumps, choked
day and night with lines of camions, caissons, troops and all the other
paraphernalia of war.’

Spring 1917, American ambulance drivers’notes in the sector of the Chemin des Dames, France. History of the American Field Service in France